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This lady has sinusitis in three sinuses! you can see the fluid resting at the bottom of the sinuses.  Most of the time there is only one sinus with fluid.


Sinusitis is inflammation of the lining of the sinuses.  Almost every cold will cause some sinus pain and pressure.  But most colds are caused by viruses and antibiotics will not change the course of the infection.

Bacterial Sinusitis is diagnosed when you have a fever over 101 degrees or if you have had nasal pain and pressure for over 10 days, or if you have had pain and pressure that originally got better then got much worse.

Things you can do for sinusitis, instead of antibiotics are:

-- a nasal spray of salt water - this is called "nasal saline" and various versions of it can be found at the drug store.

-- in addition to the nasal spray of salt water, some people feel much better with a flush of salt water with a "netti pot".

-- it is common to have sinus pain when allergy season is bad.  Does your sinus pain always come at the same time each year?  Maybe its allergies, try over-the-counter flonase or antihistamine nasal spray.

-- use your nasal sprays correctly!  Always point your head down when you spray in the nose.  "When you spray in the nose, look at the toes"! Ha! 

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