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How to Prepare for a Home Visit

Dr. Heaton will come to your home for any medical condition but if you have an acute injury, emergency, or poisoning you should call 911 and be seen in the emergency room.


Arrange for a home visit by scheduling directly with Dr. Heaton ( or 207-266-9760).  She will arrive in your home with her medical bag, stethoscope and laptop computer.

For your visit please: 

1) Have any prescription or non-prescription medications available for Dr. Heaton

2) Have any recent reports or test results available

3) Fill out a new patient form if you have not already done so, or if it has been over one year since your last assessment  (Dr. Heaton can send you new patient forms - just ask).

4) Have a small table or desk available for Dr. Heaton to write and print her medical note

5) Have a comfortable chair, sofa or bed for the examination.

6) Have a friend or family member available to help or chaperone if you would like

7) Dr. Heaton uses a cloud based electronic medical record so available wifi and password would be helpful, but are not required.




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