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Caryl J Heaton, DO does not accept insurance at this time. We expect to be approved for Medicare and MaineCare by early July 2023. 

We accept cash, check, Pay Pal,Venmo and Credit Cards.

We can provide an accurate bill so that your insurance may reimburse you. 


Office Charges 

Up to 20 minutes - $60

Up to 21-30 minutes - $90

Up to 30-40 minutes - $120

Up to 41-54 minutes - $160

Over 54 minutes - $180

Benefactor Membership

Age > 65yrs - $1500

Age 30 to 64 yrs - $1100

Only a limited number of memberships are available - please ask Dr. Heaton for details. 


Extra Services may be charged, such as;

  Sutures - variable, $25-$40

  Excisions/Biopsies - $40-$50

  Joint injections - $30

  Medication injections - $10

  Covid-19 tests - $6


Ways of Paying for Visits Click Here

Credit Card
Additional Fees: 
There is a additional fee of $80 for a home visit

There is an additional $15 dollar fee for completion of forms (when done outside of the medical visit) within one calendar year administrative use, including:

Work Physicals

Camp Physicals

School Physicals

Dr. Heaton does not perform workman's compensation evaluations.

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