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My name is Caryl Heaton, and I have been a family physician for over 35 years. I moved permanently to Blue Hill in 2015. I am opening this practice because of the need for primary care on the Blue Hill Peninsula. It's a simple practice consisting of just me. I bill based on the time I spend with you*, and I do not accept most insurances; just  medicare and Maine Care. However, I can give you a detailed bill that you can send to your insurance company. 

My Story

I have been a teaching family physician for most of my life, until I "retired" in 2015. I have taught at medical schools in the Midwest, including Michigan and Ohio State. I spent 25 years in Montclair, New Jersey where we raised two boys, and I taught at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, which is now New Jersey Medical School and Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. The "teaching" part of my history means I work the newest evidence-based research in medicine. If you do not believe in vaccines this is not the practice for you. 

At the same time I believe in patient-centered medicine, and that the beliefs, experiences and goals of the patients have to be top priority, and that the physician and patient should work together to figure out the best plan of action. 

In the last couple years I have been interested in geriatrics and end-of-life care. I am honored to serve as the hospice physician for Northern Light Home Care and Hospice in Hancock County. I am also very interested in new treatments for conditions such as Substance use disorder (SUD) and Weight Gain. I can repair simple lacerations, and give you an idea of whether you need an x-ray, but I am not an urgent care center. If you have an emergency, call 911.


You can find a list of my charges here. The first visit is charged at 30 minutes but can run 45-60 minutes. 

Call 207-266-9760 for an appointment

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