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Benefactor Membership

Foggy Forest

Dr. Heaton is pleased to offer Benefactor Membership to a limited number of patients this year. The membership allows patients to unlimited access, and visits for the year. All visits can be 30-60 minutes, and you can call Dr. Heaton at any time. The membership allows Dr. Heaton to operate without paperwork or insurance encumbrance.  Members would still use their insurance coverage (if they have it) for labs, vaccines, testing and specialist visits, but primary care visits, both tele-med and in-person, will be covered. Membership practice is especially useful if you have any chronic conditions, such as hypertension or diabetes, that might require frequent follow-ups or monitoring.


We call this a benefactor membership because for every membership Dr. Heaton is able to cover primary care for two uninsured patients at no charge. Even with expanded Medicaid access (MaineCare) in Maine, there are still many people (8-9%) without health insurance.  The benefactor can choose the patients or Dr. Heaton will find eligible patients from the Blue Hill Peninsula.


You can call Dr. Heaton for a first visit, which is usually 60 minutes. After that visit you can decide if a membership practice is appropriate.  The cost is $1100 for ages 18-64 and $1500 for age 65 and above.

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