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Asthma is a condition that makes the airways in the lung narrow and block the normal flow of air.  See picture at the left <-- (a pretty extreme case).  The picture also shows inflammation in the wall and fluid in the airways.  Medical care centers around decreasing the inflammation, relaxing the walls of the airways and eliminating the triggers that can start an asthma flare.

Asthma Action Plan

Every patient with asthma should discuss an "action plan" with their doctor.  Dr. Heaton will fill the first page out with you based on what has worked in the past and the seriousness of your asthma.  Please review the second page so you can discuss how to remove asthma "triggers" with Dr. Heaton.


How to Use an Inhaler

Click here to be transferred to a site that shows how to use an inhaler.  Using the inhaler the right way is hugely important. Some people feel like "an inhaler doesnt work" when it turns out they did not use the inhaler corrrectly. 

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