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How can I treat a severe sore throat?

Most sore throat is caused by a viral infection, but if your sore throat is the primary symptom of your illness you should have an online visit for evaluation of strept throat. (Primary symptom means you have sore throat and pretty much nothing else).  


Strept can have serious consequences and we would give antibiotics if it’s a Strep Infection.  Strept Throat usually is found with a high fever and no cough, there is usually no ear pain or nasal congestions.  Another serious sore throat can be caused by the Epstein Barr Virus – this is more commonly called mononucleosis.  It’s a viral infection and antibiotics will not help him.


salt water

Listerine (R) (its mostly alcohol, dont swallow)


anesthetic spray like Chloraceptic (R)


Viral Pharyngitis - a very red pharynx

Still a viral pharyngitis! You can't always tell by looking

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