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Blood Samples


Goals are 130/80

Goal may be 140/90 if you are older

High Cholesterol 


Goals are:

HgA1C 7 - 8

BP <130/80

LDL <100



Goals Depend on a Risk Factors and Age



Together we would calculate your risk based on a formula from the American College of Cardiology

To find out your 10 year risk of cardiovascular disease - click here

Pipes and Pressure
The practice wants to make you a partner in the treatment of chronic illness; such as Hypertension, Hypercholesterolemia and Diabetes.  These conditions are controllable, sometimes even "curable".  We believe in patient-centered evidence based care.  We will take the wishes and values our patients and match them with the best medical science. 

There are so many treatments and so many ways to control these conditions.  We value exercise, diet and mindful living as the cornerstones of treatment. 
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